X-TREE project

Note: The lead for this item time is approx 6 weeks.

Art meets functionality.

"Flip it over"

Perfect as a jewelry stand or notice board. Turn it upside down and use as a side table, speaker stand or lamp stand.

Originally designed as a Christmas tree you can use all year (use magnets to attach decoration)

X-TREE is our limited edition project prepared for The Design Museum exhibition in conjunction with our climate change research and will not be a part of our standard range.

Price for the set of 3 tables is £4990

The lead time is approx 6 - 8 weeks
Raw steel and solid oak
Top: 300 x 300 x 100 mm,
Base 250 x 250 x 500 mm

X-TREE is Tomasz's first statement design launching his research: "design and architectural solutions to global warming"