THE PYRAMID Special Edition

''Change the direction''

These words are the motto of The Pyramid Art Project to promote new ways of thinking in the design field to help the environment.

The Pyramid was originally designed for the London’s Design Museum as a X-mas tree that is flipped over and used as a little table during the whole year. Strong multifunction and environmental statement.

Nevertheless versatility goes well beyond its original purpose so the project was renamed as THE PYRAMID. 

For this SPECIAL EDITION we took environmental ideas even further in order to create truly unique and functional environmental art.

We introduced 2 different steel patterns. We embrace creative force of nature to develop the never made, unique and beautiful composition. Natural shine of steel and controlled rust carefully created like a paint brought an unexpected uniqueness and beauty.

THE PYRAMID project supports Tomasz’s research and book for the design solutions to global warming.

The lead time is approximately 8-12 weeks. 

Raw steel and solid oak

Oak Top: 300 x 300 x 100 mm,
Steel Base 250 x 250 x 500 mm


  • Beautiful piece of art to compliment your interior
  • X-mas tree (use magnets to attach decorations)
  • Jewelry stand
  • Flip it over and use as a side or coffee table, lamp or speaker stand.

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