THE LINE Bar Stool

 THE LINE Bar Stool has been designed so that the height of the oak block seat in relation to its steel footstep allows you to easily rest and support your feet.

It’s incredibly versatile too – so it can adapt to be a side table – even a work bench for a laptop, and can be placed next to your sofa, armchair, bed or anywhere where you find it useful.

Each oak block is hand-crafted from natural, 200-year matured solid oak, each with its own characteristic pattern of knots and grains that is then treated with a rich finish of high quality varnish. The Bar Stool’s base is made from raw steel treated with a anti rust layer to keep the natural industrial look of the steel.

Dimensions: oak block size 250 x 250mm, furniture height is 750mm

Lead time 10 - 12 weeks, Free worldwide delivery, 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed with 90 days free return policy.

Registered in European Community under design number 002808287-0001

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